Friday, July 20, 2012

Strike King Bitsy Minnow Lures review

The Strike King Bitsy Minnow Lures come in a variety of different colors which can be custom made or chosen from 8 different selections. These lures are great for children because they are easy to reel in, but in the same time very productive. Bitsy Minnow Lures work best with light and ultra-light tackle which is another reason these lures are great for beginners and kids. These small lures are especially great for trout, crappie and small bass.

The Fire Tiger Bitsy Minnow Lure.
All of the available Strike King Bitsy Lures.

Nice 12" Crappie caught on a Fire Tiger
 Bitsy Minnow Lure on Lake Leech, MI.

So overall this lure is great for kids and beginners who want to land small predatory fish.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The most useful hook- the jig

The head of a Jig has a weight that's attached to the top of the hook which is colored into a eye and can come in many different colors and shapes but the most common is a circle. But there are different types of Jigs such as a Bucktail Jig (feathers hiding the hook) and Wolly Bugger Jig (that looks like a artificial fly) and lots more. Jigs can bee used in lots of different ways of course theirs the jigging way were you twitch the rod consistently or the drifting way were you just drag it along the bottom and a couple more which I'm not going to mention. So let's get to the types of fish you can land, it all depends on the bait you have on the hook so for example if you use a worm you can get Bluegills, Drums, Perch's, Catfish's, and Large and Smallmouth bass. But if you have a  minnow you can get any predatory fish. And you might be thinking that a muskie will never go for a little jig with a minnow but once in a while you will get one believe me. And sometimes you don't even have to put on live bait, just a artificial minnow a artificial grub or a squirmin squirt will work just fine and sometimes even catch more fish.

This is a picture of a Bucktail Jig and a Wolly Bugger Jig which are both very affective in any weather.

Rooster Tail White Bass Madness

Rooster Tails have a ovalish middle with a spinning blade on the top and some feathers below the middle and usually a treble hook hiding behind those feathers. I personally use it to catch White Bass on the Wisconsin River, but it can be used pretty much anywhere, e. g. creeks, ponds, lakes, rivers. For me the Rooster Tails with silver blades works better at noon because the water and sun create a blistering irresistible color that's very attractive to fish like White Bass which are very aggressive. And the other Rooster Tails are great for ponds and murky waters because of their bright colors. Some times I go to Castle Rock Dam and see some people pulling more than a 30 White Bass on a plain #3 Rooster Tail!

When I caught this Largemouth Bass I was using the #11 Rooster Tail.

Rebel Big Craw great for big trout

The Rebel Craw fish looks exactly like a real craw fish and mimics a fleeing craw fish when reeled in. This distinct action is irresistible for trout - because it is a trout natural prey, but Bluegill, Bass, and Pike will take it too. So I recommend this exquisite little lure to be used in creeks and small rivers. You can purchase these Rebel Big Craw on Lurenet for $4.50. And it's depth range is 8-10 feet.

Lazy Ike - great for shallow waters predatory fish

My favorite Lazy Ike
The Lazy Ike looks like a banana with one end flattened, and therefore causes it to shake in the water, and make it look like a minnow in distress.
Personally I like to use it in ponds because there usually is a abundance of Bass and big ones! In my perspective, the yellow Ike works best for Bass and Pike because these predatory fishes are not lazy at all, and usually jump on brightly yellow lures that move wobbling on the surface among heavy green vegetation. The red Lazy Ike lures work fine too, in particular at sunrise and sunset, giving a nice light reflection of sunlight in the water.

Some more diverse Lazy Ikes.

Rapala Shad Rap CrankBait - catches nice Pike in hot weather

When Rapala was creating the Shad Rap, they wanted a lure that would represent a bait fish, that would work at a variety depths. So they considered all of these fancy schmancy lures but then realized they could make something very ordinary to something that's very productive and that how it started. Whats very nice about this lure is that it is meant to go to 15 feet, but the Shad Rap can is that also swim through 2 feet without burying into the sand pretty cool ha. Plus, probably the best feature about the Shad Rap is that it can go very deep but in the same time is very easy to reel in, unlike other lures that go very deep but have to be pulled with as much strength as landing a Muskie.